The My Organic Juice Difference

We are:

  • 100% Organic
  • RAW
  • NO HPP (Because HPP is terrible for you regardless of what other companies want you to believe)
  • GLASS BOTTLES (for clients in South Florida)
  • Local delivery 7 days a week, early morning for almost everyone (unless you live wicked far).
  • Very easy to do business with

Who drinks our juice?:

  • People who are ill
  • Extremely busy people
  • Moms
  • Athletes
  • People on the go
  • Top executives with fancy suits and designer clothes with names I can’t pronounce
  • Surfers
  • Yogis
  • Tri-athletes
  • People who are struck by unhealthy life patterns
  • People lacking energy
  • People who already feel great and want to feel even better
  • People trying to lose weight
  • And the list goes on and on.

Seriously. We are always accessible. We are real people who were once sick and have been given the gift of the health. We have devoted our lives to giving it back to others.

WE HAVE THE BEST ORGANIC JUICE ON THE PLANET. Seriously. We make our organic juices in small batches and always fill all our bottles to the top. We are on the cutting edge of recipes. We know what percentage of fruit to put in a juice that will not get in the way of healing. We know what ingredients not to put in because of the new science that is always changing.

We source our products from many different local organic resources. The top 2 are Global Organics and Fresh Harvest Organics. Both companies only sell organic, so there is no possibility of cross contamination. We take organic juicing very seriously. There is no distance we won’t drive to or fly to ensure that EVERYTHING we do is organic. Our focus is on organic. Period. If we can’t get organic Turmeric locally, we get it shipped in from CA. We don’t say we try to do Organic. We DO Organic.

We make delivery wicked easy. Place your order online at www.myorganicjuice.com by 3 pm, and we will have it at your door the next morning (for clients in South Florida). If you prefer, you can always call-in your order to 561-405-8156.

We produce our juice and deliver our juice 7 days a week, which means WE KEEP NO INVENTORY AND YOU ARE ALWAYS GETTING FRESH JUICE. What does the word “Always” mean? It means every single time, with no exception. All of our juices are produced fresh and made just for you. Our Juices are produced late the night before and delivered early the next morning (before most people wake). We have turned down buyout attempts by much larger companies because we founded My Organic Juice as a healing company, and we won’t compromise on that fact, ever!
It’s an honor to be of service. Let us help you get healthy.


Karolyn and Ben

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What sets us apart


My Organic Juice is 100% organic. From nature with love.

Raw Juice

Our juices are raw, unpasteurized, cold pressed just for you.

Glass Bottles

My Organic Juice is delivered in glass bottles. No plastic, no worries

Made Fresh Daily

From local, organic ingredients. We keep no inventory, meaning all our juices are made specially for you.

Delivery 24/7

All local Orders placed by 3 pm arrive at your door early the next morning. Nationwide Delivery with next day service for those outside our local area.


No genetically modified ingredients – ever.

My Organic Juice


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"Best organic juice on the market, the flavors are amazing!"

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Delicious stuff, fast delivery and great communication!

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Weekly Subscriptions

Choose the day of the week and wake up to 6 bottles of fresh cold pressed organic juice waiting for you at your doorstep! This is the easiest way to get healthy and maintain your health.

Delivered in insulated bag with ice packs

Specify which juices you want or we can surprise you

All juices in glass bottles

Choose from a variety of subscriptions

Weekly Juicing Special-6 per Week

$63.00 / week