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3 Workouts To Pair With Your Organic Juice Cleanse

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Organic Juice Cleanse Workouts

There are any number of exercises and workout options to build strength and benefit your body. While you’ve undoubtedly taken to the streets for a brisk walk or jog, there are so many new workout options to choose from and enjoy! These are some of our favorite workouts that will help you mix it up when dumbbells and your jogging shoes loose their initial motivating luster. And when paired with an organic juice cleanse, these workouts will help get you into tip-top shape!


Organic Juice Cleanse Pairing: Spirulina X-Treme

CrossFit has exploded in popularity over the past few years since its initial invention by a single fitness company in 2000. CrossFit isn’t your average workout. It’s an intense, competitive sport that pits you against your toughest competitor – yourself. CrossFit is made up of WODs, also known as the Workout Of the Day. A WOD combines a series of strength and conditioning exercises including exercises in weight lifting, body weight, gymnastics and aerobics, each with its own unique name. If you feel a little lost, don’t worry. All newbies are required to take introductory classes to learn the different exercises and their subsequent names, which are usually offered for free. Additionally, CrossFit is a very social workout as its gyms are known for fostering a tight-knit workout community.


Organic Juice Cleanse Pairing: Trixie Goes To Detox

Down a Trixie Goes To Detox and twist out those toxins with some body toning yoga. Yoga can trace its roots back thousands of years to ancient India where yoga was used as a tool to connect the mind and body. Yoga is beneficial and able to be practiced by everyone regardless of age, experience or athleticism. It can be practiced gently for those new to its flows or practiced vigorously with inverted poses by gurus. Yoga gracefully compliments other workouts by keeping its practitioners nimble and flexible. There are many different types of yoga and each serves its own purpose. It’s best to find a studio you love or practice in your home with instructional programs.


Organic Juice Cleanse Pairing: Young Thai Coco Hydrate

Spin, or indoor cycling, has reigned as King of the Workout Classes for decades. Spin classes focus on accelerating your heart rate to maximize results, and as such is typically taught to upbeat, fast-paced music. The workout involves series of sprint intervals trading between high-speeds and added resistance, as well as moments of standing and sitting. And since spin classes can be self-adjusted to fit your fitness level and goals, a long-time spin devotee may be next to a newer spinner and no one will know the difference.

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