About Us


My Organic Juice is owned by a husband and wife team who became obsessed with juicing when Karolyn was diagnosed with a very rare Ben and Karolyn Foxsarcoma and 4 different autoimmune diseases. Frustrated by traditional medicine, with chemo and surgery being the only option. They knew there had to be a better way. They spent the year researching and starting working a health coach and a few other functional medical doctors, whose goal was to get to the root of the disease. This is what led them to enroll in the World Renowned Hippocrates Health Center Program where they learned tremendous techniques on how to heal the body naturally.

Since Karolyn was too sick to juice. Ben became the main juicer in the household. However, Ben kept getting sick, and then he got pneumonia. Ben hadn’t eaten vegetables in over 30 years. Red Bull and Burger King was his meal of choice. So Karolyn gave him a juice and that is where his love for juicing began. Ben has not been sick since. And Karolyn now also has a clean bill of health. The results confirmed that it is possible to naturally heal even such rare diseases. It was quite simple. Disease=too many toxins and not enough nutrients.

That is how My Organic Juice was started and will continue to grow to help people get back to their roots and to nature. Because healing really is that simple!