Bone Broth Soup: It’s What’s For Dinner

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If you haven’t caught onto the Bone Broth trend yet, then allow us to introduce you. Health Lover meet Bone Broth Soup. Bone Broth Soup meet Health Lover. Alright, now that you’re acquainted, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of why you two just had to meet.

Bone Broth Soup: It’s What’s For Dinner

Bone Broth Soups have made quite the comeback in traditional foodist circles. This soup dates back to paleo days where no part of the animal was wasted – even the bones. Throughout history, Bone Broths have been a cooking foundation found in soups, sauces, and braised vegetables. Bone Broths are made by first roasting the bone and then simmering it for an extended period of time – over 48 hours. This not only produces a collagen-rich broth, but is the best way to pull out the bone’s minerals and transfer them into the broth.

Paleo Dieters have sworn by Bone Broth for years because of its muscle-sculpting benefits and range of flexibility in paleo-style dishes. Unlike processed foods and foods with GMOs, centuries on centuries of our ancestors slurping Bone Broths has evolved our bodies to digest it effortlessly. Not to mention, Bone Broths are extremely rich in protein and essential minerals.

  • Protein: The biggest factor in muscle repair and building.
  • Glycine: A crucial element in detoxifying the body. Glycine is also a key player in our body’s digestion process.
  • Proline: Supports good skin health.
  • Gelatin: Supports good skin and digestive health.

Bone Broth aficionados know that aside from tasting delicious, Bone Broth improves digestion, allergies, immune & brain health, reduces cellulite and revitalizes hair, skin, nails and teeth.

My Organic Juice Bone Broth Soups

You can find two Bone Broth Soups at My Organic Juice. There’s our original Bone Broth Soup and also our Vegetable Bone Broth Soup. But our Bone Broth Soup is like nothing you’ll find anywhere else in South Florida. We follow the golden standards in Nourishing Traditions when making our Bone Broth Soup. Meaning we cook our bones for at least 48 hours and use only the best organic, grass-fed, grass finished bison marrow bones. We use supreme water that’s double filtered with PH balance perfection.

This is one broth your body will thank you for.

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