7 Natural Solutions to Summer Ailments

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Days are getting longer and the weather hotter. That only means one thing – summer is offically here. While no one can wait to spend long Saturdays and vacations relaxing outdoors and swimming along a shore or two, we could do without summer’s more brutal side. No need to hide indoors, we have natural solutions to summer’s biggest troubles. 1. …


Bone Broth Soup: It’s What’s For Dinner

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If you haven’t caught onto the Bone Broth trend yet, then allow us to introduce you. Health Lover meet Bone Broth Soup. Bone Broth Soup meet Health Lover. Alright, now that you’re acquainted, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of why you two just had to meet. Bone Broth Soup: It’s What’s For Dinner Bone Broth Soups have made quite …

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The New Realization of Organic Juicing

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     It may not be realized, but consuming raw organic fruits and vegetables has been happening for over 40,000 years! That’s 4,000 decades of organic fruits and vegetables serving our habitat. Why is it that we seemed to have lost our connection with real, wholesome foods? Obesity starting striking people in the 1970’s with vast growth through the 80’s, 90’s, and at …

rulebook of juicing

The Rulebook of Juicing

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Rules? Who needs rules?! Is your mind racing with concerns on juicing, such as does this replace my meal?  When should I drink it?  How much should I drink? Take a breath right here.  Diet books and other marketing have brainwashed us! Juicing is about loving yourself and your body. We drink organic, unpasteurized, raw, cold-pressed goodness because we truly …

train your brain

What Has Society Made Us Believe?

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Retrain The Brain:  What has society done to our minds?! It’s something we can barely get away from.  We see it, we hear it, and we can even feel it!  We have grown into a generation where much, if not all is based on society and marketing.  A title, a right or wrong, and good or bad.  We wake up …

how to live your happiest life

How to Live Your Happiest Life Ever, Today!

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Let’s face it: living today is not the easiest thing ever.  With everything to keep up with, we can make ourselves insane!  This may sound crazy, but growing up I felt when shifts were happening.  I would literally talk to myself and say, “this doesn’t feel right, but it’s what everyone is doing”.  When we are first born we use …

wife coffee

My Wife Almost Left Me Over a Cup of Coffee

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Why do people get sick?  The short version is nutritional deficiency and toxicity.  I just saved you decades of reading and schooling.  It took me about 100 colds, 10 flu’s and a near death case of pneumonia.  I could break it down for you like like Raymond Francis does in Never Be Sick Again, the closest thing to a health text book there is, …

my smart wife

The Longer I Live, The Smarter My Wife Becomes

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I found myself researching red cabbage juice which for anyone who knew me a few years back, would find utterly ridiculous.  I am excited about getting healthier, another thing which I kind of laugh when I say.  I feel like nearly everything I thought I knew, has turned out to be wrong.  What happens when your stomach hurts?  Of course …


Cancer Saved My Marriage

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Seven years ago today, I went to the doctor because I found a bump and just wanted it removed because I didn’t like the way it looked. After the procedure, they called me back to tell me they were sorry but it was cancer, and that they could not treat me nor could anyone in my area since it was …

director of nutrition

Director of Nutrition

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I want a fancy new title– like Director of Nutrition. I probably don’t deserve it, and my knowledge doesn’t exactly back it up, but that has never stopped me. I used to want to be called the “Minister of Defense,” like the late, great, Reggie White (ladies, he played in the NFL). That guy could hit! And, he played with …