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My Organic Juice In The News!

My Organic Juice and My Healing Soups are proud to have been featured in many news outlets.

Palm Beach Post

Bone Marrow Broth

Marrow bone broth is trending among Paleo devotees and hipsters.

Feb 24, 2015 – My Organic Juice was featured on the front page of the Food Section of the Palm Beach Post as the top place to buy Bone Broth Soups.



My Organic Juice/ My Healing Soup company in Boca Raton sells long-simmered bison bone broth in jars ($10.95 to $11.95) with and without veggies. The broth, which is made of grass-fed bison bones, cooks for 48 hours, says owner Karolyn Fox, who started the company two years ago after receiving a cancer diagnosis.
The broth is unfiltered, as Fox is a believer in the healing properties of the marrow and fat released into the broth.
To purchase or learn more about the company’s broth, call 561-405-8156 or visit

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Boca Magazine

Bone Broth Soup

Best Bone Broth and What To Look For

Feb 25, 2015- My Organic Juice was featured in Boca Magazine under the heading “Locally Made Bone Broth”. Boca Mag Said:

I recently discovered that My Organic Juice, a Boca-based company, added bone broth to its menu, and I was very impressed with it. What I learned from Karolyn Fox, the owner of My Organic Juice, is that all ingredients are always 100 percent organic and are from organic-only suppliers, that way nothing is contaminated.

The company uses only bison bones from grass-fed and finished bison. The bones are shipped directly to Boca from the farm. Ordinarily, bones would be thrown out because the consumer demand is only for the meat. Now nothing goes to waste and there is no increase in demand for additional farming.

My Organic Juice also uses a double filtered water system that has an adjustable PH system, which allows chefs to make sure the PH is perfect for pulling the nutrients out of the bones during the 48 hours of cooking.

Finally, the soup is cooked in stainless steel pots – never in aluminum because it can leach into the soup and defeat the purpose of healing.

Bone broth and other healing soups are sold in glass jars and are available for nationwide shipment as well in-person delivery from Jupiter to Miami.
For more information, visit

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Boca Magazine

Juice Cleanse

Best Locally Sold Organic Juice Cleanses

Jan 1, 2014 – My Organic Juice was featured in Boca Magazine as the Best Organic Juices and Cleanses. Boca Mag said:

Even the raw food guru David “Avocado” Wolfe is a big fan of My Organic Juice, and he has a great reason for it.
This company was started by a husband and wife team to help her heal during cancer treatments. Now, their passion for juicing helps many others get healthy. What I love about this company:

  • Easy personal delivery system; you don’t even have to leave your house or office
  • Glass bottles
  • Local produce
  • Order by noon and have your juice personally delivered to you next day (weekday deliveries only)
  • Cleanse bottles are labeled one through six, so it is easy to follow
  • If you want a delicious treat, try the Strawberry Dream smoothie
  • Get a FREE cooler bag with a cleanse
  • Complimentary nutritional counseling with a health coach is available

Z-Tip: Sign up for their convenient auto-renewal delivery program and make juice a daily habit – you will look and feel fabulous all year long. As Chelsea Silverman say: “Don’t Think, Just Drink!” Your body will thank you!

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