Organic Juice in Margate

About Margate FL

Margate is located in Broward County, FL close to Coconut Creek, with a population of 53, 284 as of 2010. The city is situated just north of Fort Lauderdale, a popular tourist location in South Florida. Margate’s is known for  its excellent outdoor facilities. TheMargate FL city is home to Calypso Cove, a family-friendly water park which features three pools and both enclosed and open slides. Margate also boasts three challenging golf courses: The Eagle Lakes Golf Course, the Carolina Golf Club and the Oriole Golf and Tennis club. With the many outdoor activities and lose by beach, the residents do their best to maintain a  healthy living, especially with the addition of My Organic Juice’s 100% Raw Cold-Pressed Organic Juice.

How is My Organic Juice Different?

My Organic Juice is cold pressed so that it retains all the nutrients that processed juices lack. Commercial juice is made using high pressure pasteurization. It extends the life of the juice but it also degrade the enzymes and nutrients of the fruits and vegetables involved. Juice bars use centrifugal juicing to produce their beverages. They use fast blades to slice through the produce; blades which also cut the fiber. The friction created by the blades heats the fruits and veggies to the point that, like in high pressure pasteurization, the enzymes and nutrients are destroyed. There is little to no nutrition preserved in these methods. Cold pressing, however, slowly presses the components of the juice so that no grinding or tearing occurs. It needs to be refrigerated and used within three days of processing so that the juice stays fresh and healthy. With My Organic Juice you get fiber, proactive enzymes, and all the other nutrients you should be getting from your fruit and vegetables.

Why Choose My Organic Juice in Margate?

my organic juiceThe main reason is the person attitude My Organic Juice, as a company, possesses. It is not a faceless business but a health driven organization determined to beat illness with natural lifestyle choices. The highly nutritious value of her cold pressed juices saved her life. Convenience is another reason to choose My Organic Juice. The juices are delivered to your Margate doorstep, any day of the week, as long as you order before noon the day before, you can have them when you want them. Your used bottles and ice packs can be placed outside the door for pick up and recycling. My Organic Juice has several options, so you can choose the juice regime that works for you. They offer shots of juices that boost metabolic rate, soothe ailing organs, or fight infections. You can arrange for daily drop offs, or once a month. Frequency is up to you. There is also a five-day cleanse program guaranteed to strengthen your immune system and sharpen mental clarity. My Organic Juice is a healthy alternative to traditional drinks. It allows your body to catch up with itself, riding your system of the habits that fast food and poor eating habits create. It allows your body to use its natural restorative properties. Call or order online for a juice regime that will do wonders for your body, or give the gift of health to a friend with readily available gift certificates.